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Remember the days when advertising online used to be a new and novel thing, these days it's strange if a company isn't established online at least via a Facebook page, it's a strange new world we are in but the best thing to remember is that you need to constantly be researching new ideas and understanding the rules of the platform in order to get the best result for your clients.

A word on clients - you need them and they pay your bills so always get what you need from them upfront and get as much detail as you can, this will make your job much easier in the end and cut down on the time you may need to spend editing your mistakes!

One of the best ways to understand what a client wants is the old fashioned way - sit down with them face to face and you should be able to gather what kind of frame of mind they are in, some clients need more reassurance than other, this is sometimes due to being burned by other firms in the past or feeling like the company they hired simply didn't deliver or listen.

They may have even tried to hire someone as cheap as possible by going on sites like Peopleperhour and Fivver - this will often lead to further frustration as they yet again didn't achieve the results they wanted, so they may turn to you as a local firm or as a firm with a reputation, most work within this industry comes from refferals so making sure your customer is happy with the end result is basically your best ever marketing strategy.

It took a while to learn the key skills needed to really progress in a service based business and one of them is how to deliver the best for your client to ensure a steady stream of work, most businesses often times don't want to spend much money on advertising or simply don't see the benefit in doing so, your goal is to ensure your client can make a profit or at least see the upside potential in advertising his or her business via your service.

The next step really involves getting some good ideas down and one of the ways you can do this is to take a look at articles online and read as much as you can, you should also take a look at classic ads that yielded great results for big brands and try to figure out what made them so successful.

Your job is to deliver a great result and that's how you build trust and recurring income from a client but it can't all be done on your own, sometimes its best to focus on a single task and really master it and then look to other firms to fill the gaps if the clients need something else.

There are quite a few firms in the UK that are essentially one stop shops and have the resources and man power to deliver a wide range of services, I recommend firms like Outside the Box (https://www.outsidethebox.co.uk/), KDWeb (https://www.kdweb.co.uk/) and Netbiz Group (https://www.netbizgroup.co.uk/) - these are firms within the UK that can offer a broader range of services such as PPC, web design, web hosting and many others.

Part of your task is to be able to align yourself with the right software, people and companies in order to go above and beyond for your client, ideally you can find someone who will deliver because in this industry promises go a long way towards building a long term relationship with a business owner.

Business owners are likely who you will be dealing with when your just starting out but sometimes you may meet with managers, each level has its own needs and you need to be very patient because sometimes you will need to wait for clearance to go ahead with a certain project or advertising campaign, you can't always rush in on your own time because you have another party to consider!


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